Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Yet more snowboard gear!

It's the day before our holibags to Saas Fee Skiing and we are still trying to get boots for son number 2. Another early pick up from school and off up to Glasgow. The memsahib decides she will come with us as she wants to pop into Silverburn shopping centre for a wee present for number one sons girlfriend. She also wants to keep an eye on number two son and I to ensure we do not spend too much I dare say (but not to her face). Into the snowboard asylum and over to the boot section for a fitting, the chap tells us that Louis has a narrow foot and so Burton boots are probably not ideal (that works for me, means I might get to keep them). He is now trying on Salomon F22's at £190 (gulp) and guess what, they fit a treat and he loves them. Whilst thinking for a few moments about what to do Louis spots the helmets, "mum can I buy a new helmet 'cause I don't like mine". You could feel the tension building, like an electrical charge in the air. When she had regained her composure the memsahib gave her answer, an emphatic NO ( in truth there was more to it than that but you don't need all the details ). Louis then looks to me to assist him in his quest for the new helmet, its a dodgy strategy which could end up with him and me in a heap of trouble but he is adamant, he does not like his one season old helmet and in any case he only bought it (we bought it actually) because mum insisted he wear a helmet. Another dodgy strategy, but after a little while of working on her and reasoning and promising to sell all sorts of stuff to cover the cost he ends up with a new helmet and new snowboard boots. Cost of rental in Switzerland for snowboard and boots £185, cost incurred so far, so as to avoid paying exhorbitant rental fees £655, go figure.

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  1. i love skiing....... and my friend too suggest to wear snowboard protective gear like w guards, helmets..........they even suggests me to wear padded shorts so that i dont have a single injury............ as i am a little careless............