Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Holibags in Saas Fee

The Alps in all their glory

The view from our window
The weather could not have been better, we have had a fantastic week, lots of sunshine a little fresh snow (not much, but a little) and it felt like we have had the piste to ourselves. Saas Fee is a wonderful Swiss village, typical chocolate box setting. No serious injuries although the memsahib did fall and hurt her hip causing a hell of a bruise and no.1 son landed badly from a snowboard jump and hurt his coccyx and suffered mild whiplash. Other than that no ill effects, well providing you don't include the food. At one evening meal the memsahib and I decided to have the cheeseboard (the swiss being famous for cheese as they are) and for the most part they were very nice. However, one of the cheeses (which looked like a slice through a 90yr old mans bum cheek) and smelt like it hadn't been washed for all of those 90yrs was on the plate. Now I worked on the premise that anything that smelt that bad (like fermented Swedish Herring) couldn't possibly taste as bad as it smelt, so I leapt in and took a bite.......yuuuuuuuuuuk it was absolutly the worst cheese in the history of cheese that I have ever tried. It was like a bush tucker trial. Next time I'm confronted by something that smells that bad I'll remind myself of this cheese incident and get someone else to take the first bite ;-)

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