Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Second attempt

Here is the second attempt at a poppy using a cotton yarn and a 2.5mm hook. It's definitely more compact than the first one and only took me an hour to make :-)

Crochet Poppy

Here is my first (complete) attempt at a crochet poppy. What with the time of year and all that I was looking for something a little more special and substantial than the usual fare. I found a free pattern on the web and ... Voila, a poppy. It's a little on the big side (nice play on words) because I used a 3mm hook with double knit yarn, my next attempt will be with cotton on a 2.5mm hook, we shall see how it turns out. If they are good enough I aim to sell them to some unsuspecting souls and give the money to the poppy appeal. Beats buying one of those paper jobs :D

Monday, 29 October 2012

Autumn mist

Today was a mix of brightness in the sky and fog down in the dips. It was a crisp morning and the sun was doing its best to burn off the fog, however it was lingering which made for a wonderful vista whilst out walking the dog.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Our House

Here is a picture of our house surrounded by our winter supply of firewood. Plenty to keep the cold at bay throughout the winter months.

The Heart of the Home

As the temperatures continue to fall its nice to have the log burner keeping the whole house warm and toasty. Yesterday the temperature touched 0 degrees Celsius but this morning it was -2.5 degrees Celsius. I was up early loading the burner up from the night before, we manage to keep our burner going 24/7 during the Colder months. As number one son had used all of the wood the night before, I was forced to go out into the frosty morning in my dressing gown and a fleece to load up the fireplace with logs for today. I don't mind it cold and crispy, it's the wind and rain that I don't like. Here's hoping for a cold and dry winter with the log burner going full chat and the malt whiskey flowing to keep me warm from the inside also :-)

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Ben's first beach trip

On a reasonably bright Saturday afternoon we decided (the Memsahib and I) to take Ben to the beach. I say we decided, it was more our friends Hazel and Louise that decided to go (they also own the horse box) we decided to tag along with our fella. Ben has, I feel safe to say, not been to the beach before and once over the sand dunes he was playing around like a mad thing, dancing and prancing and he almost had me off into the sea. I managed to hold on to him for a while without falling off and then Louise decided to have a go on him. She had him cantering and galloping and pacing and dancing but he never once slowed down or eased up on the pulling. Eventually Louise got back on her horse, Mo and I got back on Ben. Although he was still pulling strongly I managed to control him on the way back to the lorry. The Memsahib had a ride on Louise's eventer, Dynamo and at the end of the afternoon we had all had a thoroughly good time, tally ho! :)