Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Sourdough take 2

Second attempt at sourdough bread and this time I prepared it the night before and left it to prove a second time overnight. As you can see it has risen well and so in the oven it went. Again a slight change 15 mins at 220 fan assist and 15 mins 180 fan assist. We'll see what that does. 

Well here is the finished article and it is not as well risen as the last loaf and not quite as fluffy inside. I will have to adjust things slightly again for the next try. Maybe I'll use the non-fan oven. 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

First sourdough loaf

Here it is, finally after a couple of weeks of sourdough starter preparation I have baked my first sourdough loaf. Lets hope It tastes as good as it looks. If I'm honest I have skipped along a bit and so if the flavour is not there I'll adjust my method next time, here's hoping.
Addendum; it turned out nicely, lovely crumb and that subtle sourdough flavour.  I shall consider that a success and move on to the next loaf. I now need to work on the timings as this is a loaf that should not be rushed. Maybe I'll look at some other form as well, such as rolls. :-)

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Friday, 19 July 2013

Oat, Ale and Rye bread

Here is my Oat, Ale and Rye loaf. A little flat but it sounds ok and smells great. You can see the sourdough starter in the background, it appears I have finally cracked it and I have an active starter. I just need to keep feeding it twice a day for a month and then I can put it in the fridge for a rest. 😃

Fun with bread.

Here we have a perfectly formed Guiness soda bread, (if i say so myself 😆) took 45mins from start to finish. It needed a little bit if improvisation in the form of a few more handfuls of flour as the mixture was very wet and as more flour was added I put a little more bicarbonate of soda in. Hey presto a lovely soda loaf. Yummy.