Saturday, 19 March 2011

Another Milestone

Another milestone event was achieved yesterday by son number 2 upon successful completion of his driving theory test. How he passed I will never know, as only the night before he was asking me 'where are the study materials for the theory test Dad?' WTF! He apparently had not even looked at the books or DVD that we had bought for him. His plan was to cram the night before. My answer did not meet with his approval or his plan as I advised him that I had placed them in his room several weeks earlier. As you may be aware a teenage boys room can shall we say, a complete and utter tip and so any attempt at finding the aforementioned study materials in his room was, I fear, futile. In the end he had to resort to desperate measures and call upon the assistance of a friend. He had to pay for his pal to drive up to our house (fuel is extortionately priced these days and teenage boys are not overly flush with readies, and besides he was doing our lad a huge favour) and then the two of them studied together (again, a huge favour by a true friend) until the wee small hours. Well certainly until after we had gone to bed anyway. So, one night of cramming and he passes his theory test, the jammie little beggar.
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