Saturday, 1 January 2011

Frozen River Ayr

This is something you don't see everyday, the River Ayr frozen solid, or so it would appear. It looked like the end of a glacier.

The Blog Begins

 And so the day begins with the usual cup of tea for the Memsahib and me . Not quite as early as usual as we decided to at least hear the bells on the radio before going to sleep. Chickens to feed, water and clean out, dog to walk, cats to feed, garage to clean ( cats been sick ) logs to chop and bring in but all of this can wait as we have decided to start the year with a bike ride to the gym.
I was to lead the way (but not that way, your taking me where?!?). Right OK, I am still leading the way but now its a slightly different way (The Memsahib' s way).
Lots of Buzzards sighted on the ride, they are doing well in this part of the world, and I'm sure I saw a Bullfinch flying along the hedgerow beside me. We had a Woodpecker dangling from the nuts the other day, quite a sight I can tell you. Back home and the work begins. The Memsahib takes Tilly the Lurcher for a walk in the fields around us and I set about cleaning the chicken coop. Everything' s tidy with the chooks and so it on to the garage, feed the cats and clean the floor, clean the bikes and oil then on to the diminishing log pile, needed tidying and had to get rid of all the bark and rubbish from the floor, another job done. Here comes the Memsahib with the dog, come here Tilly girl how was that walk, Aaaarrgh.........she absolutely stinks to high heaven, methinks someone has been rolling in foxes doo! time for a bath and a scrub with a flannel Oh lovely.