Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Spring Snow

Woke up this morning to see the snow coming down in big thick flakes. It continued snowing right through until three o'clock this afternoon blanketing the whole of Ayrshire in white. The Memsahib was supposed to be going out on Luce (pronounced Lucy) this morning with me walking along with Tilly and offering support if required. Luce is the Memsahibs new hobby, a horse. She is an Irish Draught/Cob mare 16 hands 3 fingers!.....Is it ? She is big anyway. Its a horse share which seems like a good way of getting into this horse malarky without actually having to go all out and buy your own horse. Mucking out and grooming seems to hold as much enjoyment for people (girls) as actually riding, what with all of the sprays and oils to apply to mane, tail and hoof and brushing to a high lustre it really is like a gigantic 'My Little Pony'.
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