Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Feel The Pain, or No Pain No Gain.

Feeling the pain today in so many ways. Firstly my car goes in for the rear discs and pads on Friday gone, its a LandRover so thats going to cost a few bob, then on Sunday as we make our way up to Glasgow four warning lights come on all about ABS, traction control and hill descent. I drop in to the garage again this morning for diagnostics and guess what.....a wheel bearing has gone on the front right side. Once again being a LandRover that ain't gonna be cheap, you need to replace the whole hub with the sensors not just a simple bearing (financial pain). Next up, I am fixing up the greenhouse after the winter storms. A few panes of glass to replace and one to cut to size. You can see where this is going right! even though the large panes are ready cut they still have fairly sharp sides and in the course of manipulating them into place I receive a nick or two, ouch!(physical pain). Just before lunch the Memsahib calls me, 'where am I' , B&Q getting some clips to hold the greenhouse glass in, back in 15mins. When I get in the memsahib is propped up on the kitchen sofa with a hot water bottle and a tale of woe, or should that be Whoa? It transpires that in the course of her morning hack with a friend they encountered a donkey in a field, apparently, horses as a general rule don't get on with donkeys and Luce decides to kick up a bit. Now the memsahib so far has had a couple of  exciting times on horseback with Luce dancing around a bit under her, and she has availed herself well,  but this time it all got a bit much. Luce starts to spin around in circles and dancing from foot to foot getting faster in the spin and eventually the memsahib is unseated. Ouch! thrown roughly to the tarmac, one sore neck, elbow and groin, lucky she had a safety hat on. (physical pain) She managed to get up and back on the horse. Finished the hack and cleaned out the stable before feeling a bit weak and wobbly and so came home for something to eat, a cup of tea and some sympathy. Not having ridden for 20 years it is a steep learning curve that the memsahib has embarked on. I only hope being thrown off has not dampened her enthusiasm. I feel slightly guilty as it is I who has been encouraging her in this latest venture and now she is hurt (emotional pain). We will see how she is feeling tomorrow, being fit has helped her and I'm sure she will recover quickly.

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