Saturday, 19 March 2011

I Love Lucy

What a glorious day it is today, the sun is shining and it is starting to display a bit of warmth as well. It's our turn to go and deal with Luce the horse today, she needs breakfast, mucked out and she could do with some exercise as it's been along winter in the stables. The only problem is we have not got a clue how to put the bridle on, my god they look really complicated before they are on the horse, with straps and buckles all over the place. To add even more to it this bridle has a 'Martingale ' fitted with it to stop the horse lifting its head and I believe to assist with braking, 'Whoa there'. Well having received some assistance from Joyce, who owns the stable, we finally have Luce all tacked up and ready to go. It was supposed to be just a gentle walk around the school area but another girl turned up and offered the Memsahib the chance to go out for a hack with her, yippee thinks the Memsahib and of they trot, literally. Two hours later they return and Luce is knackered and sweating, looks like a sustained exercise programme is in order for our Luce. Having had a late night the night before I suspect both the Memsahib and Luce will sleep like logs tonight after todays events

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