Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Travel delays en route to Geneva :-(

The day started at 3am when I got up to make the memsahib and I a cup of tea. The weather in South West Scotland is atrocious, absolutely lashing down with rain, let's hope its better in Saas Fee, Switzerland, its holiday time yippee! We head of at 4am to meet our ski buddies the Pickens and then its a quick run up to Glasgow Airport where we will be catching the 7.20am Thomson flight to Geneva. We park up and get ferried over to the terminal ready to check in, its now 5am. As we enter the terminal building and glance up at the monitor we all let out an audible groan, our flight is delayed until 4.10PM that's almost a 9hr delay, no phone call, no email nothing. It's all due to the trouble in Tunisia apparently. Nothing to be done but make the best of things, so as advised we check in and get rid of our bags. We then decide the best course of action is to go home for a few hours, the check in staff say that is fine but we must be back to go through security by 2pm. After a few hours at home and a little bit more shut eye we head of back to Glasgow. As we put the cars back in the car park the security guy enquires what flight we are on and then duly advises us that the departure time is now at 8pm, more collective groans. We go through security and with the food vouchers we have been given partake of some refreshments both munchie and liquidy. The time keeps fluctuating for departure and we overhear someone saying that Geneva airport shuts at midnight, oh joy we might not even get to Switzerland tonight! Imagine having to spend a night in an hotel at Glasgow airport (we have already gone through security). Finally we get a firm time and eventually the journey gets under way and I must say once we landed at Geneva everything went like clockwork (that's the Swiss for you). We finally arrive in Saas Fee at 3am Sunday morning, tired but pleased to be here. We get four hours sleep then get up, get our gear sorted out and hit the slopes yeehaa, we're skiing....and the weather, well its fantastic. So begins another years skiing.

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