Thursday, 18 August 2011

Coffee cup holder/Too much tension!

Well, I finally finished my next project, a vending machine coffee cup holder. I know, its a bit ropey but I was making it up as I went along and the tension was making itself up as we went along! The next effort will be better as I get to grips with the tension, the hope is to build up to making a beanie so I need to get the tension right or it could end up as a balaclava! :-( Hmmm, reading this back there are too many tensions thrown in but ultimately necessary I feel. Getting the tension sorted out will eventually lead to a more relaxed style of crochet thus leading to a more relaxed me, no more knotty shoulders (excuse the pun).
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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Crochet Circle

Here is my first attempt at a crochet circle using a slip knot loop as the circle so that you can draw the circle tight and then, according to the person on youtube, double crochet (I thought it looked like treble as I've been shown; UK/US ?) In twelves. I might use it as the base for a vending machine coffee cup holder which is a project I have been thinking of.
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Crochet is relaxation?

Well, finally I have produced a granny square of my own without any supervision and no its not perfect, I see that now its finished but it is finished. Just towards the end I was starting to get the pattern right, I think. I have heard that crochet is supposed to be very relaxing because of the nature of the repetitive action required. It apparently can reduce your heart rate and bring down blood pressure, all good things. However, nobody mentioned the knotted (excuse the pun) shoulders and the furrowed brow that the concentration and effort would bring on. My shoulders feel like I have been humping and dumping cement sacks all day, not sitting in a comfortable chair with a hook and some yarn! I'm sure the shoulders will ease as I become more practised, provided I don't go into spasm and end up in A & E :-)
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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Royal Wedding

No, not the big one. This was the wedding of Mike Tindall, the England rugby player and Zara Philips, the Queen's granddaughter. It was over in Edinburgh on a beautiful sunny Saturday at the end of July. I had just flown up from a short visit to my family in Brighton and the Memsahib made her way over by coach from the west coast. We queued for hours by the barriers to catch a glimpse of royalty, and catch a glimpse we did. Kate, Camilla, the ugly sisters and the Queen herself were all seen through the window of their respective cars. Some moved fairly swiftly but the Queen travelled at a far more sedate pace allowing everyone a glimpse. I had my camera at the ready and caught a shot square on straight in through the window of the car; well it would have been if it hadn't been for the Memsahib's flag Grrrr! After the event we were allowed into the church to see the flowers and beautiful they were. A beer to finish the day and off we set on the coach back home, all in all a thoroughly enjoyable day.
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