Tuesday, 15 March 2011

First day on the bench

Off a nightshift and feeling a bit jaded as usual. The Memsahib is at work boys in bed and that's exactly were I am going for a couple of hours or so anyway.....Yawn! Well that's a little better now its time to take the dog a walk, she's been patient. Outside I let the chooks out, collect the mail from the mail box (which is rapidly disappearing under the Clematis, note to self must trim this year) and check the cats, yep all still alive and well. Off we go for our walk, up the lane and into the fields around our house. I never get tired of the walks we have around here, nothing too intensive but enough for the dog and to blow away the cobwebs with some beautiful scenery. We get back as the sun comes out, time for a cup of tea whilst sitting on the bench methinks, first time this year and there is some strength in the sun, roll on Spring.

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