Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Wind !

Thursday 5th Feb, my goodness It's windy, sounds like the roof is going to lift off at any moment. Went wondering around the garden when I got home from work picking up large (ton bags) bags that had been blown all over the place. Looked out later to see something large and black on the grass near the greenhouse, it turned out to be one of my wheelbarrow carcasses which live at the back of the garage. It had been blown around the front, digging a sod of earth out as it passed the greenhouse but amazingly not touching the greenhouse. I went to recover said carcass and put it in the log store along with the other two (which at that moment were pinned up against the back wall of the log store) and I discovered that the flying wheelbarrow had dislodged an end cap from the log store guttering. Whilst trying to replace it the wind caught my glasses and whisked them off my head and off up the drive! I thought I would have to go into the house to get a spare pair so that I could find the windswept pair, but by treading carefully and bending low (very low, I'm blind as bat without them) I spotted them just before I trod on them, phew! The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent listening to the wind trying to rip our roof off. The draw through our log burner was so fierce, even fully damped when I put a fresh log in it was like watching a Rizla in the wind (hand rolled ciggie for those wondering), one puff and its gone. What destruction awaits me the morra?!?

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