Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Snorkelling at Clovelly Bay

Another beautiful day today and we decide ( the Memsahib and I ) to go to Clovelly Bay for another try at snorkelling. This is an ideal spot, apparently , for beginners as the bay has been constructed on either side using concrete to give it the impression on an open ended swimming pool. There is a beach at one end with some rocks and the open sea at the other end thus allowing open sea swimming without the waves. There is still some swell but just enough to add some fun to the swim. We entered the sea with our snorkel sets not knowing what to expect, but we were not disappointed. Within minutes we saw lots of fish of all shapes, sizes and colours including a Blue Groper which is a sizeable fish. Several snorkelling sessions followed interspersed with some sunbathing and with each session in the water the Gropers got bigger and bigger until the last one actually took my breath away!! He approached me from out of the murk as I was watching some smaller fish and caught me by surprise then swam right under me flanked by his shoal of followers. I turned and followed him for a little while, feeling not a little unlike Jacques Cousteau, then swam back to tell the Memsahib like an excited school boy :-D

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