Saturday, 1 December 2012

Fruit Bats

No I'm not talking about the inhabitants of this fitness crazed city but rather the animal:
Yesterday was a hot one and so most of it was spent at the Andrew Charlton pool followed by a barbie and then in the evening we decided to go down to the Botanic gardens to see the 'Fruit Bats' or as they are actually called, Flying Foxes. We saw a notice in the Botanic Gardens advising that the Flying Foxes become active around dusk and so we arrived, not knowing what to expect, around 7pm. The gardens were closed but we stood for a while and sure enough the 'bats' appeared. They look exactly like a bat flying through the night sky but they have a wingspan of about 1 metre. Pleased with our sightings we moved on up through Hyde Park on our way to a famous watering hole called 'Shady Pines'. Along the way more of the Flying Foxes were spotted in the park, also rather strangely for us in these temperatures a Christmas tree. Having found the foxes we now had to find 'Shady Pines'. No.2 son advised us that it was down a lane off Crown St. with no outward signage to guide the weary, thirsty traveler. If you couldn't find it then you probably weren't hip enough to go there. After some perseverance and the welcome intervention of some locals we found ourselves in a lane confronted by a queue of people standing outside, what appeared to be a disused shop front. (Picture to follow). We were easily the most mature people in the queue but we waited and made it into the bar just before our bedtime :-) it was a great bar but incredibly noisy and so after one drink and a bit of people watching we left for home. Another good day in Oz.

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