Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Road Trip to Jervis Bay

An early start today to pick up a hire car and then journey 3 hrs south to Jervis Bay. The reason for the trip is to see (apparently) the whitest sand in the world and the clearest bluest sea. Unfortunately it's raining and overcast! Still can't be helped, today is the day the car is booked and so off we go. The journey itself is fairly un-eventful and when we arrive at our destination we duly purchase snorkel sets for all and ask directions to the finest snorkelling spot. Instructions issued, we head off to Murrays Bay beach. The weather is starting to pick up but so is the wind. By the time we are ready to enter the sea it is looking quite choppy, but we've just bought the gear so we are going in. Once you've got your shoulders under its not so bad and then we start to look around below the chop. At first sight of a reasonably big fish the Memsahib is squealing down her breathing tube and reaching for me, luckily we are mot deep and I can stand up otherwise she would have drowned me. Methinks that snorkelling is not for her. We drove around the area later in the afternoon looking for Kangaroos, as the guide book promised that they can be seen in this locale. After speaking with some locals we managed to track down the elusive roos at a caravan park in a place called 'Green Batch.' We also saw our first Kookaburra :-) Some sunbathing ensued as the afternoon warmed up, then a pub tea and the journey back up the road.

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