Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Today was not too hot or sunny so lent itself nicely to a bike ride to North Sidney over the bridge. There is a well marked network of cycle tracks all around Sydney with some very well delineated from the other road users. We followed one such cycle way across the iconic bridge into north Sydney. Once over the other side we stopped for lunch beneath a brightly coloured tree, which was obviously very appealing to Rainbow Lorikeets as we had a couple in the tree above us searching out the nectar. A pleasant change from being pestered by pigeons and seagulls whilst eating your sandwich (although both were also evident in abundance). The trip back was to be via one of the many ferries which operate all around the harbour much like buses and included in the price of the multi trip pre-paid travel tickets. The views all around the harbour are breath taking, Sydney is indeed a lovely city although for my liking a bit busy. I have become a country boy and prefer less hustle and bustle, although out here less hustle and bustle means more rustle, as in creepy crawlies. Hey ho!

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