Saturday, 24 November 2012

Early Morning Jog

This fine Sunday morning we decided to get up and go to the park for a jog. Well I was jogging, the Memsahib was riding a bike. Sydney must have the largest population of fitness fanatics I have ever seen, it is the polar opposite of Ayr; Glasgow even. We were in the park for 8am and we felt like we had already missed the bus, it was packed with runners and joggers of all ages. There were old runners, the young beautiful effortless runners and even mums and dads with buggies (one of whom overtook me at one point). I can honestly say I have never run in such heat, but what a beautiful day and a fantastic park. The park itself is called Centennial park and has separate roadways for cars, cycles and rollerblades, joggers and horses. It was incredible to see so many people out exercising or just out with the dog in one place.

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