Monday, 26 November 2012

Fitness fanatics

In Scotland I have always considered myself to be a reasonably fit individual who likes to exercise and eat a healthy diet. Here in Sydney, Australia I am feeling decidedly lacking when it comes to anything approaching a fitness regime. Today we have come to the Andrew (boy) Charlton outdoor swimming pool for some exercise, yes, and for some relaxation and sunbathing. We arrive around lunchtime to see a steady stream of people running to the pool and then partaking in length swimming, the like of which I have only previously seen at my boys swimming club a few years ago. When I say length swimming we are not talking breast stroke, oh no! That would be considered well below par. We are looking at full on front crawl with the occasional individual embarking on fly! The water is boiling with activity, it's as if the pool were alive with Piranha fish. I steal myself to enter at the recreational swimming lane, the lanes are numbered with the two centre lanes for fast swimming getting slower the further from the centre you get, I find myself looking at lane eight and wishing there was a nine.

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