Monday, 18 April 2011

Lovely Day

The first thing I clapped eyes on this morning (apart from the Memsahib that is ) was a Gold Finch followed by a Yellowhammer outside the patio doors, all this before the first cup of tea! Off to work to practice emergencies and unusual circumstances which finished early, and then off to the stable to see to Luce's needs. She was in good form, in fact she had only just woken up from an afternoon kip when I arrived, still lying down with a sleepy look on her face and straw in her mane, ahhh bless! Finished mucking Luce out and giving her tea, prepared tonight and tomorrows hay nets and then left the stable and back home for tea. The Memsahib was still at work so I prepared an omelet with our own free range eggs and for pudding a thick slice of bread and homemade lemon curd, Mmmm yummy. I have to admit the whole meal was washed down with a rather fine Shiraz, hic. Upon checking the mail box I find one of my ebay purchases has arrived, a fine pair of Dublin Cotton Jodphurs, the only question now is will I be brave enough to wear them, they are rather clingy! Photo to follow? Maybe ;-)
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