Sunday, 3 April 2011

DIY Mechanics

So, the lawn tractor was dead and the grass is starting to grow. Everywhere I look people are cutting their grass and making their gardens look fabulous. Meanwhile I am stuck with just a hover mower to contend with all my grass, and at this rate my garden is not going to look fabulous for a good while! There is only one thing for it, I will need to roll my sleeves up and try to fix the problem myself. I ascertained that the battery was working and the engine was turning (all the while the battery lasted) it just would not fire. Deduction, spark plug. I managed to get part of the engine casing off and get at the spark plug, it was looking a bit sorry for itself, blackened and dry looking. I cleaned it up with some wet and dry paper and oiled the thread then replaced it in the engine and tried again; Success the engined fired into life with much smoke (flooded engine) and not a little noise but other than that we were back in business, bring on the growing season I'm finally ready. As a footnote to this blog I really must take more care of the petrol garden equipment with regards to servicing said items. It looks like I am going to have to become a. It more of a DIY mechanic if I am to avoid the same shenanigans next year and keep costs down :D
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