Monday, 2 May 2011


It's always a treat to see the Swallows return with their incredible aerobatic displays and we have had Swallows nesting around our house since we moved here seven years ago. Last year a new nest was built under the eaves of the log store and a successfull nest full was achieved from it. This year they are back again and are already checking out the nest, I wonder if the same breeding pair find their way back each year to the same nest spot or is it a different pair just taking over a ready made home? I have a feeling its the first point made. I find it amazing that such small birds can find their way back to a garden in South West Scotland from South Africa year after year. They really do herald summer and its certainly feeling summery around here at the moment, 20 degrees regularly for the last week or so, fantastic. Spot the glass of red wine in hand, still fits in with the swallows theme :-)
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