Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Heart of the Home

As the temperatures continue to fall its nice to have the log burner keeping the whole house warm and toasty. Yesterday the temperature touched 0 degrees Celsius but this morning it was -2.5 degrees Celsius. I was up early loading the burner up from the night before, we manage to keep our burner going 24/7 during the Colder months. As number one son had used all of the wood the night before, I was forced to go out into the frosty morning in my dressing gown and a fleece to load up the fireplace with logs for today. I don't mind it cold and crispy, it's the wind and rain that I don't like. Here's hoping for a cold and dry winter with the log burner going full chat and the malt whiskey flowing to keep me warm from the inside also :-)

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