Sunday, 23 September 2012

A great wee hack :-)

Friday 21st Sept and a friend of ours is leaving the yard where we keep our horse and moving to another yard. We have decided that we would escort our friend down to her new yard in a group ride as Diamond, her Irish Draught does not box well. It is a gorgeous day as we hack out on a hitherto unexplored route through Annbank and then over towards Sundrum. Ben, our retired trotter, behaves himself beautifully and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of riding him today. At the other yard it is time to say goodbye to our friend and also for the Memsahib and I to swap places. You see I rode Ben down to the yard and the Memsahib will ride back, which means I'm on the bike on the way home. Luckily there is more downhill on the way home weeeee!

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