Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Royal Wedding

No, not the big one. This was the wedding of Mike Tindall, the England rugby player and Zara Philips, the Queen's granddaughter. It was over in Edinburgh on a beautiful sunny Saturday at the end of July. I had just flown up from a short visit to my family in Brighton and the Memsahib made her way over by coach from the west coast. We queued for hours by the barriers to catch a glimpse of royalty, and catch a glimpse we did. Kate, Camilla, the ugly sisters and the Queen herself were all seen through the window of their respective cars. Some moved fairly swiftly but the Queen travelled at a far more sedate pace allowing everyone a glimpse. I had my camera at the ready and caught a shot square on straight in through the window of the car; well it would have been if it hadn't been for the Memsahib's flag Grrrr! After the event we were allowed into the church to see the flowers and beautiful they were. A beer to finish the day and off we set on the coach back home, all in all a thoroughly enjoyable day.
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