Saturday, 16 July 2011

Horse Riding at the Beach

Friday 15th July and the Memsahib and I are offered the opportunity to take one of the horses we are riding to the beach. Suzanne, one of the girls from the stable, has a horse box and volunteered to take us down with her and her horse 'Mickie'. We arrive at the beach and realize that Ace (our horse) has not been to a busy beach before, his ears prick up and his eye's look wild and I'm thinking is this a good idea? Anyway, Suzanne calms me down and says to get on Ace and let's ride on to the beach. He actually does remarkably well and we end up trotting and cantering quite nicely up and down the beach. Eventually the word 'gallop' is broached, gulp! I'm not sure that I am ready for that. Once again Suzanne gives a lesson on how to apply the brakes when the horse is going quickly and before I lose my nerve we are off, galloping down the beach. It is exhilarating and a little scary and at one point I thought I would fall, but I relaxed again and applied the breaks and Ace came to a halt. The Memsahib gets on and has a go, and she also ends up galloping and trotting along the beach. Hopefully Ace is the horse to build the Memsahibs confidence. Back to the lorry and back to the stable for a hose down and a good tea for the horses, Ace has earnt his tea tonight.
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