Sunday, 17 July 2011

Boys off on Travels

It is done, as we hoped, the boys are going to travel and see something of the world before they join in the merry-go -round of life. On a pleasant day at the end of June we, as a family (a rare occurrence these days) went up to Glasgow and into Trailfinders to enquire about tickets to New Zealand for the boys later in the year. Having ascertained the price we retired to a lovely old fashioned tea shop for tea and sandwiches to decide on what course of action to follow. The boys (with a little push from the Memsahib and I) decide to strike while the iron is hot and book their tickets there and then. They will leave for NZ in November and return? (If they don't have a fantabulous job which keeps them there!) In March when they will take up their Lifeguard jobs again for the summer in UK before possibly travelling again, who knows what will happen if they get the bug. Our plan is to go out and visit them in January :-) so we get to travel a bit as well, fantastic.
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