Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Boys

Here we are again, all tacked up and waiting for the off :-) Ben and Beau our two lovely boys waiting patiently (which is unusual for Ben as he is normally such a fidget) to be taken out. It was another lovely autumn day today and we are starting to get some canter out of Ben bless him. You see he is a retired Pacer; which is to say a race horse who pulls a buggy with a jockey rather than the jockey being on his back. Pacers also run differently with both legs on one side moving at the same time as opposed to diagonally as is more common for most people to recognise. As a result of his past he finds trot and canter a little bit of a challenge, but after 18 months he is starting to get there as demonstrated beautifully today. We'll done Ben :D

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